Difference between
UX and UI Design

It is very well known that having good looks and feel for your product will have a great impact on humans. It plays a significant role in the conversion of business.

Nothing is more important than outstanding user experience and user interface design in today’s highly competitive digital era. As a result, both UX and UI must be done correctly in a product. Any business that provides good user experience and user interface earns more money and has more trust in your users.

Let’s have a deeper look at both of them so that we can understand better.

What is User Interface & User Experience

User Interface (UI) refers to the visual elements like screens, pages, buttons, icons, typography, etc. When users engage with an app, the user interface determines how the software is presented. It ensures that users have simple interaction with the software.  At the basic level we can say that UI is more towards graphical representation

Let’s have a look in this with an example of an e-commerce application, like amazon or other online buying products. When we choose any product for buying it goes straight to cart where we complete the order by giving our details such as address, email etc. Then we select the payment method to pay for the product then our order is completed.

In the above example, the flow of purchasing the product like when we choose a product it will go to cart all of this is the responsibility of UX whereas what font should be use what color icons, text, UX writing etc. All of this will be going to UI bucket. 

In simple words, UI is what to show and UX is what, why and how to show and how to interact with the users and how the users interact with the product or service. By UX, we try to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty towards the product or service.